Is Solar Power Considered a Renewable Source?

Solar energy is the future of energy production. In a residential setting, installing solar energy systems will require the use of a solar photovoltaic system on the roof of the home to harness light and convert it to usable energy. Yet, the long-term payoff of this initial installation is certainly worthwhile. 

Solar Power as a Renewable Resource

A renewable resource is any resource that replenishes naturally on a human timescale. Non-renewable energy sources, such as coal and oil, aren’t renewable because they form over hundreds of thousands of years. So,is solar power renewable? Solar power won’t ever run out or be in short supply, thus it is renewable. It simply needs to be captured with solar panels. In other words, if the sun is shining, you’ll have access to solar energy.

Not only is solar power a renewable resource, but it’s also a green renewable resource. “Green” means that it does not create a harmful impact on the environment. Fossil fuels release greenhouse gases and harmful particles into our atmosphere, while solar power and the use of solar panels produce zero emissions. 

Of course, to capture this renewable resource from the sun, we must have solar panels. Since manufacturing solar panels does use resources and energy, the production of panels does have some environmental impact. However, this impact is minimal when compared to the benefits of the zero-emissions energy achieved with using solar panels. In fact, studies have demonstrated that it takes just a few months for solar power and its panels to cancel out the impact of manufacturing. Moreover, with recent innovations in solar panel manufacturing and production, the environmental effect of producing these tools is decreasing with each year. Solar panels are also becoming more efficient in their ability to convert sunlight into energy, thus further reducing their overall environmental impact.

Governments around the globe are turning to renewable energy because fossil fuels will eventually deplete. While these large-scale initiatives are telling of the larger trend towards more sustainable energy sources, the choices we make on an individual basis matter, too. Choosing solar energy to power your home can help your wallet and the environment, and you’ll never have to worry about running low on power. Make the switch! Contact us for more information on a solar power installation.