Why Metal Roofing is a Great Choice for Solar Panels

Metal roofing is strong, lightweight, and typically made from recycled materials, which makes it perfect for solar panels. In fact, it’s one of the best materials for solar panel installation. It’s therefore no surprise that the combination of metal roofs and solar panels is growing in popularity. Discover some benefits of this powerful pairing below.

Panel Installation or Mounting is Easier

Mounting solar or photovoltaic (PV) panels on certain roof materials often requires destructive activities, such as drilling holes into the roof. If your panels are mounted improperly, you could experience leaks or further roof damage. Fortunately, when they choose to work with professionals who are experienced in installing solar panels, Albertaand area home and business owners receive quality workmanship and warranties. Yet, a metal roof could prevent these issues altogether. With certain types of metal roofing, holes don’t need to be drilled for panel installation, which eliminates the potential for future roof damage. Additionally, some manufacturers design PV panels specifically for metal roofs, which makes installation even more efficient.

It Makes the Building More Eco-Friendly

Combining PV panels with metal roofing will minimize the carbon footprint of your home or business. Metal roofing is an earth-conscious choice and helps home and business owners earn points or higher ratings in ‘green’ building programs, such as ENERGY STAR or LEED. These programs encourage building owners to use eco-friendly or recyclable materials and renewable energy sources. Plus, combining these features could make your home or commercial building more energy efficient, thus reducing energy costs. And, once your panels and roof reach the end of their lifespans, they can be recycled and reused.

Metal Roofing is Cooling

Since metal roofing is naturally reflective, it casts back more sunlight than asphalt roofing. This helps to create a cooling effect for improved energy efficiency in your home or commercial building. Thus, a metal roof can help maintain a controlled and consistent temperature, which further reduces energy costs and usage. Additionally, solar panels provide shading that enhances these cooling effects and savings on energy bills.

It Meets the Lifespan of Your Panels

Solar panels typically last 25 to 30 years, but most asphalt roofs survive two decades at most. Therefore, your solar panels may outlive your roof, meaning your roof will need to be replaced during your panels’ lifespan. This is a complicated and expensive job that can compromise your initial investment in a solar system. Plus, an aging roof must be replaced before solar panels can be installed, adding to the initial investment. On the other hand, metal roofing lasts for at least 30 years, meaning it won’t need to be replaced during panels’ lifespan.

While metal roofs offer many benefits, we regularly install solar panel systems on all types of roofs, and have the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure a quality installation, every time. For more information, please call us.