Three Reasons Why Going Solar Will Benefit Your Business

Energy costs are on the rise and it doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, finding ways to reduce these costs is probably a key priority for your business. Whether you’re in manufacturing or you own an office building, renewable energy could be the solution you need to decrease and even do away with energy bills. With advances in technology and manufacturing abilities, the costs associated with solar installation have decreased over the years, and solar power is a ‘clean’ energy source that is increasingly turning heads. There are many reasons why ‘going solar’ could be beneficial to your business – here are three:

Return on Investment

As renewable energy markets continue to grow, many businesses are beginning to ask – are solar panels worth it? With such a reasonable return on investment (ROI), solar panels have more than proven their worth. Long-term financial savings make solar power a wise investment. With provincial tax incentives at their highest, there is no better time to transition to solar. Currently, incentives help the average business pay off their solar system in eight to ten years. Once the system is paid off, the energy is free for the remainder of the system’s lifespan.

Reduced Energy Costs

Saving money is one of the top reasons why businesses seek sustainable energy alternatives. This benefit has inspired major companies to embrace solar energy. Of course, reduced energy costs are the greatest way to save money through a solar system. In a grid-tied system, excess energy is sent to the grid and stored as energy credits for later use. These credits and system equal savings on power bills.


Often, consumers are loyal to companies who commit themselves to greener business practices, and the use of a solar system can help your company create a unique, “green” identity. This shows that you’re willing to invest in your community and its future. Investing in the community can also significantly increase brand awareness, leading to higher revenue. Reputation marketing is an important strategy that establishes trust with new and established customers.

Decrease your operating costs and carbon footprint while enjoying significant savings and financial gains! Contact MiEnergy to learn more about solar energy for your business.