Ground Vs. Roof Mounted Solar Panels

Solar power is a popular source of alternative energy with which a growing number of people in Western Canada are using to power their homes, businesses, farms and communities. Utilizing the sun’s renewable energy allows people to lock in at lower energy prices, use a renewable supply of power and reduce the size of their carbon footprint.

If you’re thinking about making the switch, you may be wondering what are the best solar panels for your needs – ground or roof mounted? Check out the benefits of each option below:

Roof Mounted Solar Panels

This common method of solar panel installation is particularly popular in residential areas because they offer these benefits:

  • Cheaper: Roof mounted solar panels are cheaper than their ground mounted counterparts because they require less parts and labour. It’s also a cheaper permitting process because they take up no additional space on your property while the ground solar panels can be an issue for your neighbours.
  • Take Up Less Room: Roof solar panels are installed directly on your roof so there’s no need for extra land.
  • Aesthetics: Some people feel that roof mounted solar panels are more aesthetically pleasing than those on the ground because they simply look like an extension of the house.

Ground Mounted Solar Panels

Ground mounted solar panels are great for people who don’t have the correct type of roof to sustain solar panels, but they also offer benefits that roof mounted solar panels do not.

  • Easy Access: When the solar panels are mounted on the ground, they’re easier to access. Cleaning and repairs for ground mounted solar panels are easier and safer than climbing onto a roof.
  • Better Output: Ground mounted solar panels don’t heat up as quickly or as high as solar panels that are on the roof, which means they can produce a better output.
  • Not Confined: While solar panels on your roof are confined only to the size of your roof, ground mounted solar panels offer a different solution so that you can place them where you want them and how you want them while still following regulations. You can also add as many panels as you’d like for optimum energy output.

If you’re exploring your options for a new solar power system, contact our team to learn more about the method of installation that’s best suited for your property and energy needs.