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Solar energy is a renewable power source that is so sustainable it has prompted millions of people around the world to install solar photovoltaic (PV) or solar power systems at their homes and businesses. PV systems can significantly reduce or eliminate electricity bills, drastically improve a home’s energy efficiency, help protect the environment, provide home and business owners with substantial rebates, and so much more.

If you’re ready to discover how a solar power system works or  some of the many benefits that have made them so popular, read on!


How Solar Power Systems Work

If you know how solar energy is produced, you know that solar power systems generate electricity from the sun. When sunlight beams on solar panels, it’s converted to a direct current (DC), thus creating DC electricity. Consequently, DC electricity flows to the inverter where it is converted to an alternating current. This converted energy is used to power your home or business. Over time, the power from this system is either used or stored. Through net metering, stored energy is sent back to a power grid where it’s converted into energy credits. These energy credits can offset your monthly energy usage and help lower your energy bill.


Benefits of Solar Power

Solar power and PV systems offer numerous benefits. These benefits can help you save money and boost your home’s eco-friendliness and energy efficiency. Some of the top benefits of solar power include:

  • It’s clean and eco-friendly
  • Solar energy can be used to supplement traditional energy sources
  • It’s renewable, so it never runs out
  • Solar panels can increase a home’s property value
  • PV power systems are low maintenance
  • Rebates are offered for solar systems and their installation


Solar Power Systems are Affordable

Although the cost of installing a solar array can vary depending on its size and location, there are many options and incentives available in the market. For some, the initial investment may seem steep, but there are a variety of rebates, tax breaks and financing options available, depending on your location. Plus, solar power allows you to lock in your energy at a reduced rate, saving you thousands of dollars over the course of the system’s life.


Set yourself up for long-term savings with solar power! Contact us today to learn more about the many ways you, too, can benefit from solar power.