Is It Sunny Enough Where I Live for Solar Power?

Solar energy systems are eco-friendly and cost-effective, but since solar potential isn’t the same everywhere, it may not be available in every area. This also means that a solar system’s energy production relies on the amount of sun that an area receives, which means that areas that receive more hours of sunlight are better for solar energy production. For example, in Canada, Saskatchewan is currently the best province for solar energy and Newfoundland & Labrador is the worst. When installing solar panels, where you live is a major consideration because it can determine how many panels are installed and how much power your system produces. The sunnier the area, the fewer panels needed, and the more energy produced. If you want the best solar potential in Canada, Saskatchewan, Alberta and Manitoba are the provinces you want to live in.


Solar Potential in Saskatchewan

The province of Saskatchewan is one of the greatest places in which to experience all the advantages of solar energy. Saskatchewan has the best solar potential and receives the highest annual solar irradiation in Canada. An average system in Saskatchewan should produce about 1,336 kilowatts per hour (kWh) of energy per kW per year. This allows homeowners with solar power systems to offset annual power usage, and with the right system and number of solar panels, your power bill could be eliminated.


Solar Potential in Alberta

Alberta is the second-best province in Canada for solar energy production and solar irradiation. An average system in this province should produce around 1,301 kWh of energy per kW per year. Just like in Saskatchewan, solar system owners in Alberta can offset their annual power usage. And, of course, the bigger the system, the more energy produced, the more power usage offset and the more money saved. That said, in Alberta, an average sized system should significantly lower or eliminate energy costs.


Solar Potential in Manitoba

Manitoba is the province with the third best solar potential and the third highest solar irradiation in Canada. An average solar panel system here should produce about 1,293 kWh of energy per kW per year. System owners in Manitoba can also effectively offset their annual power usage, and completely cover their power needs with an adequately sized solar array.


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