Need a Great Reason to Go Solar? A Look at Incentives in Canada

Solar power systems have many notable benefits, but the incentive programs are one of the most attractive benefits for those considering making an investment in this alternative energy. Although Canada doesn’t have a federal incentive program, there are some provincial programs that help pay residents back for being kind to the planet. Programs can be found in multiple provinces, including Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Below is a list of the areas where incentive programs are offered for solar power systems and a brief look at the incentives offered to residents in Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Provinces Offering Incentives for PV Systems

Cash incentives are effective in persuading Canadian residents to switch to solar energy or photovoltaic (PV) systems. Not only are these systems energy efficient, they can drastically reduce power bills and help preserve the environment. The long-term financial benefits are a key reason many residents and business owners make the investment, but these financial benefits are only enhanced by cash incentive programs offering tax credits and more for PV systems. Incentives are currently offered in the following Canadian provinces:

  • Ontario
  • Alberta
  • Quebec
  • Manitoba
  • Nunavut
  • Saskatchewan
  • Nova Scotia
  • Newfoundland and Labrador
  • The Yukon Territory
  • British Columbia
  • The Northwest Territories
  • Prince Edward Island
  • New Brunswick

Incentive Programs in Alberta

Alberta has a net billing program available to residents and businesses – the Micro-Generation Regulation Program. This program allows home and business owners to earn money for the energy produced by their solar panels, and it saves PV system owners 30 percent or 0.75 per watt with a size limit of 150 kW. Plus, if a system produces more energy than a home or business needs, the owner receives an annual payment for the difference.

Incentive Programs in Saskatchewan

Until November 2018, Saskatchewan residents who invest in solar are eligible for a one-time 20% cash rebate; this is 20% of your system costs and it includes installation. Saskatchewan’s Net Metering program also allows you to collect credit at the retail rate for excess energy that’s produced.

Incentive Programs in Manitoba

Manitoba Hydro offers a Net Metering program, as well, but unlike many other provinces, they will pay you for the excess energy you produce, as opposed to providing credits that will eventually expire. They also offer the Residential Earth Power Loan, which will provide eligible residents with a $30,000 loan with no money down.

How much are solar panels? Contact us to learn about the incentives that are available to you and how much an array will cost to satisfy your power needs.