Why a Solar Power System is a Great Investment in Canada’s Prairie Provinces

Canada’s Prairie provinces are known for their hot summers and cold, harsh winters, but they’re also some of the sunniest provinces in the country. Calgary, for instance, averages 333 sunny days and 2396 hours of sunlight. With figures like these, the Prairie provinces are perfectly suited for solar power systems.


Produce Energy Year-Round

Powered by sunlight, solar panels can – and do – work all year long. That said, their performance can vary depending on the weather or light conditions. For example, solar arrays produce the most power on sunny, cool days when there’s little or no cloud cover. They also produce the most in clear conditions and during the summer months. Fortunately, Canada’s Prairie provinces receive plenty of sunlight year-round, and with net metering, your solar array will be able to sufficiently power your home through every season and/or weather condition.


Solar Power Systems are Becoming More Affordable

The cost of solar power systems has decreased over the years, making an investment in solar power just that much more advantageous. Rebates and government incentives are also making solar power more accessible for many home and business owners. Residents in the Prairie provinces, for instance, can receive as much as 30% off the associated (eligible) costs of their solar power systems. If you’ve ever wondered, ‘Are solar panels worth it?,’ now’s the time to learn more about the incentives and rebates that are available, and the costs associated with installing a system on your property.


The Benefit of Net Metering

Energy that’s generated from solar power systems and not required for immediate use is converted to energy credits and ‘saved.’ This means that the surplus of energy that’s produced during the sunny summer months can be used later in the year when there are fewer hours of sunlight. Net metering provides Prairie home and business owners with the opportunity to continuously save on their monthly utility bills for years into the future, and who doesn’t like the sound of that?


Take advantage of that Prairie sunshine! Learn more about equipping your home or business with a solar power system. Call us today!