How Farmers are Benefitting from Solar Energy

There are many applications in which solar energy can be used effectively to add value to a property and to reduce expenses associated with utilities. Farming operations, in particular, are great candidates for a customized solar array because they often have available space on the roofs of buildings or the space required for a ground-mounted system.

There are many ways to benefit from harnessing the power of the sun to help power your agricultural operations. Lock in now and enjoy lower rates for years to come!


Solar Energy’s Endless Farming Applications

How is solar energy used on farms? Anything that’s currently powered by the grid can benefit from solar. Farm owners are using solar energy to power their homes and other buildings, like housing for livestock, as well as machinery, electric fences and sensors.


Provides Financial Incentives

A solar panel system can be a large investment, but it’s an investment that can be recouped in more ways than one. Not only does solar power lower your energy costs and lock in your savings for years into the future, but it also offers tax and other financial incentives for farmers. For instance, farmers can often access rebates that help make solar panel installation more affordable. When you’re a MiEnergy customer, our team will inform you of the incentives for which you’re eligible, and will take care of the application process.

Reduce Your Footprint

Investing in a solar energy system is an effective way to do your part for the planet by reducing your farming operation’s carbon footprint.


MiEnergy & Your Solar Power System

Our experienced team is equipped to manage the solar needs of farms of all sizes. We will help you determine the size and type of solar array that’s right for your property, as well as the best location for the installation. Contact us today to learn more about the many ways your farm can benefit from solar power.